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Jenny Live is a live interactive show broadcasted by Miami TV in spanglish throughout the week Monday to Wednesday at 10pm E.T. The first show to brake the rules of regular TV. A transgressional show with a positive message where people from all ages and all around the world interact through chat and email giving topics about anything in life braking society's taboo's. Completely spontaneous, the purpose of the show is to create a friendly all ages enviroment where people can talk to Jenny about pretty much anything that goes on in their life. A show for a better quality of life in a fun way of hearing it. It began as a simple studio entertainment idea and today it's our most wanted shows worldwide, first watched through the Web, then through cable, air and satellite and now even phones around the world. Joining together a massive and wide variety of very accepting audience from all around the world, different cultures, ideas, thoughts and points of view, Jenny Live has been that point of "real connection" between anyone, anywhere.



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